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Agave Didgeridoo with Padouk and Rosewood

Pitch: D
Price: $549
Toots: F#, C#, G
Length: 61in / 155cm

Wood on Bell: Padauk
Wood on Mouthpiece: Rosewood
Bell Diameter: 4in / 10cm

agave didgeridoo with maple mouthpiece and walnut bell maple wood agave didgeridoo mouthpiece walnut wood agave didgeridoo bell

This stick was made to drone and drone it does. The neck of this piece has a wide bore relative to the bell end. Rich and full harmonics are the delightful result. This stick can easily play fast rhythmic styles with seamless transitions to the toots. Having said that, the real joy is found in the subtleties of the fundamental tone. Excellent for spaced out, ambient grooves and meditation. When you feel the need, it will happily bounce and warble with perfect enunciation of tongue work. Add a bit of humming and vocal stylings and you have a well rounded, solid D to add to your collection.

This is a stout, thick walled Agave. The color of the stalk has a lot of red hues throughout, so I matched it up with Padauk and Rosewood for a classy, understated look. It has a silky smooth matte finish and is compact enough to travel wherever you may journey. Drop me a note or ring me up if you are in the mood to call her your own!

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