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Agave Didgeridoo Flamed Maple 1

Price: SOLD
Pitch: E
Toots: G, D
Length: 64" / 162 cm

Wood on Bell: Bloodwood
Wood on Mouthpiece: Flamed Maple
Bell Diameter: 4.25" / 11 cm

Click here to see photos of this didgeridoo being made.

agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1

So, you have always wanted an Agave, but prefer the way wooden sticks play? Well look no further, here be your friend.

This Agave flower was harvested on a beautiful sunny day in Southern Arizona. I fondly remember that day, as it is now raining for the 403rd day in a row here in Oregon. Sigh.. The mouthpiece is Curly Sycamore, given to me by a friend. The bell is Satine and is as red as an Arizona sunset. Double sigh..

This was a dense and thick walled flower, so I decided to run with what nature handed me. I left the walls nice and plump, then applied an excessively thick coat to the interior bore. The didgeridoo weighs more than many wooden instruments of the same size. If you are looking for a disturbingly bright, overly resonant tone, it ain't here. It does however play with precision, nuance and clarity. The stick is responsive and loves being overblown, particularly with some passive voice added in.

It can be yours, you don't even have to ask nicely.

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