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Agave Didgeridoo with Zebrawood (2)

Price: SOLD
Pitch: Eb
Toots: F#, D

Length: 60" / 152 cm
Accent Wood: Zebrawood & Padouk
Bell Diameter: 6.5" / 13 cm

See the journey from raw stalk to didjeridoo.

agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1

Whoa yeah! This here is what happens when it is time for another trip down south to harvest Agave flowers. Yes friends, my big bells are depleted. How sad.. What is a bell-less lad to do?

Well, make my own of course!

This Agave flower is one of many coming down the line with extended bells. They are functional, look cool as shit and are going to be an increasingly common sight on these pages. This one has several inches of Zebrawood down below and she is one sweet stick.

The instrument has a slender neck, leading to a gradual flare, which culminates in a largish bell for the sticks size. The result is a very fast player with lots of volume and bass for its compact size. I have made several with this shape and honestly, it is my favorite style of Agave didgeridoo. If I could have just one Agave, it would look like this.

The slender neck allows the pitch to be shifted easily and the instrument is easily pushed up to an E natural if overblown. The stick is a rhythm factory and responds well to the beatboxing style of play that the kids seem to love these days. It is light weight and stands upright on its own bell. This is a super swell didj and I will be a bit sad to see it go.

Send me a pile of money, promise me you will give her a good home, and she can be all yours!

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