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Agave Didgeridoo with Zebrawood

Price: SOLD
Pitch: D natural
Toots: F, C
Length: 64" / 162 cm

Wood on Bell: Zebrawood & Padouk
Wood on Mouthpiece: Cocobolo & Padouk
Bell Diameter: 5" / 13 cm

See the journey from raw stalk to didjeridoo.

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agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1

Bet you don't have a Didj that looks like this! It's almost a shame that it plays so well, cause it sure is harder to stare at while playing.. The silky smooth, flawless satin finish is protecting some absolutely stunning wood. If candy could be stately and elegant, it would look like this.

If you can tear yourself away from the photos for a few seconds, I would love to tell you how she plays. Finished yet? Alright, I will wait... Ahem. So, as I was sayin' you can play this thing as well as drool over it. Hell, you can drool in it!

The Didj has two readily available overtones that sound delightful with the drone. The stick responds best to moderate volume and playing styles less focused in the mouth. It is articulate and expresses tongued rhythm and syncopation well, but seems to thrive on the more diaphragmatic styles of play. This one likes you to back off a notch or two and let the stick do the talking.

This is not an in your face, drum circle didj. This is one to sit and explore with. The stick is well balanced and would be ideally suited for recording or amplified play. If you have some music to make with engaged and listening friends, this is the one to reach for.

I am in no hurry to see this one go, so you better ask nicely!

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