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Agave Didgeridoo with Purpleheart Green Stripe

Price: SOLD
Pitch: D natural
Toots: E, B, E

Length: 70" / 177 cm
Accent Wood: Purpleheart, Aspen and Green Stained Wood
Bell Diameter: 5.5" / 14 cm

See the journey from raw stalk to didjeridoo.

agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1
agave didgeridoo 1

This is my favorite player from our most recent batch of Agave sticks. The instrument has a rich and vibrant tone that responds well to anything you wish to put through it. Fast, thunderous rhythmic play flows effortlessly and the transition to the three trumpets is smooth and intuitive. The volume is easily modulated, the stick may be played whisper soft, or brazenly loud with both clarity and precision.

The toots are clear and full, easily accessible for overtone stacking and accenting the drone. The drone is well centered and has nuanced depths to be explored. The stick would double nicely as a meditative player that can bust down the beats as needed. This is a mellow, sweet Didj with the ability to transition to a powerful rhythm machine with the slightest nudge.

All of that, and she still manages to look pretty damned sexy at the end of the day! The bell is extended and widened with several thick chunks of Purpleheart. The mouthpiece is also Purpleheart and both ends are accented with a thin stripe of green veneer. A perfectly smooth semi-gloss finishes ties it all together. If you want to give her a listen, just call us up!

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