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Agave Didgeridoo with Purpleheart Stripe

Price: SOLD
Pitch: D / Eb
Toots: E,C,F#

Length: 64" / 162 cm
Accent Wood: Purpleheart, Padouk, Aspen
and Red Stained Wood
Bell Diameter: 4.5" / 11 cm

See the journey from raw stalk to didjeridoo.

agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1 agave didgeridoo 1

Well, ya don't see one of these every day! I was worried this one might wind up looking a little busy, but those concerns are way behind me now. I love the way this didj looks, nuff said.

I recently finished this stick and it is quickly becoming one of my best friends. It has a tight bore through the neck, leading to a relatively large chamber in the body with a gradual taper to the bell. The result is an articulate and laser fast player, that is slightly heavy on the bass end. The drone is spot on at D natural, though because of the thin neck, as soon as you light it up the pitch jumps closer to Eb.

I kept the mouthpiece a bit smaller on this stick, to allow for easy transitions to the overtones. This one bounces through its range with childlike abandon. This is a fun didj, for fun times, with fun people. It is lightweight, built like a tank, and coated in a flawless satin finish. If you are torn between this one and something else, please get the other one so I can have this one around that much longer!

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