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Agave Didgeridoo with Maple and Walnut

Pitch: E
Price: $699
Toots: G, D
Length: 63in / 160cm

Wood on Bell: Walnut
Wood on Mouthpiece: Flamed Maple
Bell Diameter: 6in / 15cm

agave with maple and walnut didgeridoo agave with maple wood didgeridoo mouthpiece agave with maple bell didgeridoo

This shape remains one of my faves for Agave instruments. For years this was my go to style for busking, jamming and didjeri-dueling. Alas, those days are long behind me but I still enjoy ripping for a bit on one of these from time to time.

The upper bore is narrow, with only a bit of taper into the middle. The lower third dramatically swells into a large bell. Lots of volume and heaps of back-pressure are the result. The stick slurs into the first trumpet effortlessly.The fundamental is easily bent from E down to D#. Add a bit of vocal texture and the stick performs admirably well for trad style play. This is an articulate and peppy player. Not ideal for ambient, groove based textures but then again it isnt supposed to be! This one is a ripper and rip it does.

This was made from a solid, though thin walled Agave stalk. The bell is very thin lending to the bright, ringing harmonics. A thin band of Walnut on the bell is paired with a succulent Flamed Maple mouthpiece. I wanted this stick to be on the flashy side of things so I finished it with a silky smooth, hi-gloss sheen. A sexy stick, destined for a sexy home. Drop me a line if you need, want, or demand that this stick be your very own!

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