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Agave Didgeridoo with Walnut Bell

Pitch: D
Price: SOLD
Toots: F, C, F
Length: 66in / 167cm

Wood on Bell: Walnut, Poplar
Wood on Mouthpiece: Stained Veneer, Curly Maple
Bell Diameter: 7in / 18cm


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So, I recently harvested a truck load of Agave flowers. One of my goals every time I am harvesting is to find a couple with this shape. Though it doesn't lead to the best all around player, it instead nudges us down a certain path.

Back in my more nomadic days, I spent many an hour playing music on some of the more interesting streets of our country. This is the type of stick I liked then and as I am a nostalgic sort, I happen to like it still. I suppose we could call it a 'busking' didj. It is lightweight, compact, and very loud.

The neck, or upper bore of the instrument is quite tight. This thins the harmonics some, restricts vocals to a more narrow range, and adds a ridiculous amount of back-pressure. This constricted neck continues for most of the stick, until suddenly swelling to a large bell at the last 10th of the stick. This adds a bit of bass to the tone and a metric crap-load of volume.

I play this one in a fast, elastic, and staccato style. It is bouncy for want of a better word. The nature of the bore profile allows for easy bending of the pitch, both up as well as down. It is groovy, the volume may be modulated with ease, and is quite a bit of fun. I would by no means want this to be my only D or D# pitched stick. That said, I sure like having it around!

The Bell is extended and widened with a thick slab of Black Walnut trimmed with some creamy white Poplar. The mouthpiece is a bit of deliciously figured Maple, trimmed by some stained veneer banding. Drop a line or give us a ring if you want it to come drifting your way!


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