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Black Oak Didgeridoo

Pitch: D#
Price: SOLD
Toots: F, C, F#
Length: 62" / 157.5 cm

Wood on Bell: Cocobolo
Wood on Mouthpiece: Cocobolo
Bell Diameter: 4.25" / 10.75 cm

See the journey from log to didjeridoo.
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wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo
wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo
wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo

So this one here is an alumnus of another class of sticks I have been working on. We'll call it a hybrid, since generalizations are both handy and fun. What is it a melding of, you ask? Well, maybe you didn't ask. However, I adore answering my own leading questions, so here we are.

This stick is what would happen if you crossed a thin-necked, tapered, conical, rhythm and trumpet blasting monster, with a cylindrical, harmonically rich, drone machine. A lot going on in that sentence. What I am getting at, is this was made to cover two very popular styles of play. And to do so without restricting more than the most outlying edges of their genres. It is not a middling stick, straddling the center. It is two-in-one and in my opinion, it works. Well.

There will be more of these and it already has brethren.

I play this one all over the map. I even find myself playing several styles at once. Diaphragmatic pulsing, blatty bursts, beat-box, mouth and tongue oriented articulations- They are all present and easy to arrange. The transition to the clear, chime like trumpets is effortless. There are 3 easily accessed trumpets and their volume is easily controlled. It is highly suited to the type of play so popular with the kids today. Yeah, you know who you are...

In addition, I play this one with my Diaphragm, chest, and throat. Vocalizations are easily introduced. Bounce breath play is ridiculously easy and harmonic manipulation is ideal. This also draws into the Trad characteristics lurking in the stick. It will play muted, gritty, and dark. It also will slide from that type of tone to crystal clear, and right back again.

The wood is a dense and hard Black Oak. I left the walls thick and man, this sucker is heavy. I added a bell cap of hard as nails Cocobolo and an extension on the neck of the same. The mouthpiece is Maple veneer, Padauk and yet again, Cocobolo.

This is a stunning instrument in looks and a true delight to play. If you want it, you are in good company. If you reaaaally want it, let me know.

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