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Spalted Birch Chevron Didgeridoo

Price: SOLD
Toots:Bb, F#, B, D#, G
Length: 94 in / 239 cm

Wood on Bell: Wenge
Wood on Mouthpiece: Bois de Rose, Chakte Viga, Indian Rosewood
Bell Diameter: 7.5" / 19 cm

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spalted birch didgeridoo wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo bell wooden didgeridoo mouthpiece wooden didgeridoo mouthpiece wooden didgeridoo mouthpiece

Yeah. It's 8 feet long. Not sure what that is in meters, but you know- Long.

Since I was showing off anyway, I figured I should make the bell really big. Not just in diameter mind you. I can put my entire arm inside the bell all the way to the shoulder. My hand still does not touch the inside walls unless I move it around. This is basically the same shape I use for my E and F pitched sticks. The ones that I craft to exacting, face-melter specifications. Only stretched out in all proportions to become a perfectly pitched, C natural.

At this length and with the taper present throughout the bore, trumpets are pretty much running in and out of the scene whenever you so much as think about them. You can use the third trumpet as your go to accent note with no problem. The fun part is there are two above that one and two below. All of them desperate to join in the game. In addition, you can shift the pitch all over the place. It is quite easy to find numerous sub-pitches and jaw dropping can quickly, yet precisely slur all over the place.

In addition to all that cacophony, the fundamental pitch is a dream. Nothing sacrificed here. The main tone is rich and full of harmonics. Modulation of volume is like a knob on the stereo. Easily bent or set to whatever level ya like. It will play meditative, ambient styles better than anything else you've got. Uh-huh, I said it. But that is but a small part of the story.

This thing is a rhythmic monster. Yet another label, but there ya have it. You know the trumpet infused, insanely fast, highly structured play that is so prevalent with some of our youth these days? I can assure you that you don't have a stick that plays in that style as well as this one does. I know, cause it is hanging on my wall right now. This thing is greased lightning, flying down a bowling lane in rock and roll hell. Or heaven. Or whatever, point is- It will play faster than you. Yeah, you too. The sick thing, is that you don't even have to try. In fact, the more relaxed you are, the faster she will go.

This thing is a real treat to play, but wait. Look at it! Shit!

The Birch was nice and spaulted when I opened up the log. This was a massive piece of wood, the base of a very large tree. As it dried, several cracks formed. These are the easiest types for me to close up and hide. On this one, I really wanted to fill them to accent the spaulting and the grain. So they are filled with Ebony and Wenge. Yummy.

The bell is cloaked in a large, dark band of quarter-sawn Wenge. The neck extension is one of the newer types of Joinery I am using. The V shaped seam increases gluing surface area and looks pretty sweet as an added bonus. There is a band of Indian Rosewood leading to the main extension of Chakte Viga. Chakte Viga is bright orange. Orange! The mouthpiece is Bois de Rose. One of my favorite woods, it is a dark purple, bordering on burgundy. Similar to Ebony in hardness, it takes a beautiful polish and is silky smooth.

This instrument commands attention and will ensure bragging rights at cocktail parties, black-tie affairs, and at your kids prom after-party. If you want to take it away from me let me know. As it stands, I have a better Didj than you.

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