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Spalted Short Didgeridoo

Pitch: C#
Price: SOLD
Toots: F#, D
Length: 55 in / 140cm

Wood on Bell: Wenge
Wood on Mouthpiece: Ebony
Bell Diameter: 3.5" / 9 cm

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spalted birch didgeridoo wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo mouthpiece

Man, do I love Spaulted wood. This is one of the most heavily Spaulted pieces I have used, and it is yummy. I matched the colour of the bell and mouthpiece woods with the dark striations present throughout the piece. The bell is quarter-sawn Wenge, the mouthpiece is a jet black chunk of Madagascar Ebony. The finish is on the glossy side of satin. The overall appearance is pretty damned sweet.

This is a style of stick that is increasingly asked for and one that I have been delighting in having around. There will be a steady stream of instruments of this type emanating from the shop this Winter.

The neck is only slightly more narrow than the bell. Not a pure cylinder, though close. The bore profile is irregular and full of crevices and grooves. The neck, or top end is wide open and if you don't own any strong players of this type, you are missing out. Let's call it a droner if we must pin it down and define it.

It also sings. Your voice is unrestricted here and vocalizations add layer upon layer to the easily modulated harmonics. This shape restricts the effective trumpets to only two, but they ring like a bell and are effortless to glide into. The pitch is easily shifted downwards and jaw dropping is a thing of beauty on this one. Ample back-pressure and volume.

This is not one I play in my mouth, or with a lot of tongue articulation. This one is deeper. I find that I feel as if I am playing from my throat, my chest, and my diaphragm. It is bouncy when needed and seems to amplify and multiply your quivering, bounce breaths innately. I play this one soft, sweet, and sometimes with an intense power that seems to fill me and the room. It is safe to say I feel like I have rediscovered an old friend with these styles of sticks and frankly, I am happy to have him back!

If you want this one, let me know. Otherwise, be on the lookout for more and more of this type coming soon.

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