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Mystery Wood Didgeridoo

See the journey from log to didjeridoo.

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wood didgeridoo for sale
wooden didgeridoo mouthpiece wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wooden didgeridoo bell wooden didgeridoo bell wooden didgeridoo for sale

Pitch: E
Accent Wood: Ebony
Price: SOLD

The log that this stick was nestled inside of, came from a Hazlenut farm just outside of town. They had taken a mess load of their trees down, then offered the wood to the community. I was busy finding future didjs, when off in the distance I spotted this here log. Sadly, I do not know what type of tree it came from, but it is damn purdy.

The wood is heavily spaulted and had several large, twisting cracks. I usually clamp cracks like these closed and no one ever knows they were there.These were perfectly in line with the spaulting and the grain, so I decided to fill them instead. I let the shaped log season for 3 years to assure it was dry and stable enough to have large inlays. The cracks are filled with Ebony dust, from the same wood as the Ebony bell cap and mouthpiece.

So enough about her looks - How does she play? Well, like a candy coated speed machine if you must know! The stick is pitched to E and the first trumpet is just sharp of an octave above. The jump between the lowest 3 trumpets is effortless. The stick will go gritty and dark with just a slight nudge. Clear, precise tongue articulation. Vocals are present with easy modulation of tone and volume.

Basically, this is a stand alone E. It does everything that you could ever expect an E to do. And, it looks good doing it.

See the journey from log to didjeridoo.

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