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Elm Didgeridoo with Cocobolo

Pitch: D natural
Price: SOLD
Toots: F, C#, G
Length: 60" / 152 cm

Wood on Bell: Cocobolo
Wood on Mouthpiece: Padouk
Bell Diameter: 4" / 10 cm

See the journey from log to didjeridoo.

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wood didgeridoo whole wood didgeridoo mouthpiece wooden didgeridoo mouthpiece
wood didgeridoo bell wooden didgeridoo bell
wooden didgeridoo bell wood didgeridoo wood didgeridoo

This here stick was made to be a bit different. The top end is much more open than my typical instruments. I am going to be making a few in this style for some custom work and thought I should share some of them with ya'll!

There is much less taper than normal, though in no way is this a cylindrical 'pipey' sounding stick. The perfect backpressure is not caused by a narrowness in the throat/neck of the instrument, but in the overall shape of the air column. There is ample volume, but it will not play overpoweringly loud. This stick was made for someone who is after the subtleties and nuances, not the pulsing, dominant rhythms.

With this shape the vocals are easily manipulated and pronounced. The tone is rich, with depths to be explored. A balanced stick, it is not heavy with bass or treble.

Basically, this is a musicians instrument. It was made to be played with intention, by someone wanting to get to know it. This one is sweet and soft, with a lot to share. We all need friends like these!

See the journey from log to didjeridoo.

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